Announcement of the 13th Conference of IFEAMA at Ulaanbaatar (2015)
                                 (February 25, 2015 updated)

The 13rd Conference of International Federation of East Asian Management Associations

in Ulaanbaatar (IFEAMA - 2015)

To be hosted by Business School, National University of Mongolia

16-18 July, 2015

                                                                     CALL FOR PAPERS   

 Dear Mr/Ms/Dr/Prof.

 It is our pleasure to inform you that Business School of National University of Mongolia is going to host the 13rd   Conference of The International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA) on July 16-18, 2015 in Ulaanbaatar. The theme of the conference is


 and the Sub-themes are:

1.      Green management

2.      Green marketing

3.      Green economics

4.      Knowledge Management & Innovation

5.      Entrepreneurship

6.      CSR and eco-audit

7.      National and International Cooperation

8.      Changes in International Business Environment

9.      Consumers Attitudes and Behaviors

10.  Eco-Education

11.  Distribution system

12.   Industrial Policy and Environmental Policy

13.  Political, Social Groups Activities as well as NGOs' Influence

14.  Recycling Economy and Management

15.  Others

  We cordially invite you to participate in the conference and present your paper on one of the aforementioned themes.

 Conference Venue

   Tuushin Hotel Conference Main Hall ? Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

 Conference Language
   Papers must be in English. Presentations must be in English.

 Important dates
      March 10, 2015      -  Deadline of Presentation Application & Abstract submission
     April 10, 2015           -   Deadline of Full Paper submission
      April 21, 2015         -   Notification of Acceptance
     June 15, 2015          -   Deadline of only participation
    July 16-18, 2015      -   Conference

 Registration Fee:
    Registration fees is 300 US$ (Graduate Student: 150 US$)
   In order to expand the scope of academic exchange, this conference will set poster session. Registration fee of poster  session is 30 US$.

 Convention tentative schedule

July 16, 2015 (Thursday )
   Afternoon: Registration

       Evening: The First Meeting of the Board

 July 17, 2015 (Friday)

      Morning: Registration, Opening Ceremony, Key Note Speeches

      Afternoon: Subcommittee Sessions

      Evening: The Second Meeting of the Board, Conference Closing Ceremony

       Welcome Dinner

July 18, 2015 (Saturday)   
    Morning:  Company visit -1
     Afternoon: Company visit - 2
     Evening: Farewell Dinner

July 19, 2015 (Sunday) -

Optional: Thirteenth Century Complex Tour

 Submission of Papers Requirement

 Authors are invited to submit completed manuscripts. Papers will be selected by the Program Committee consisting of a   panel of international scholars. Please submit the paper in electronic format (word files only) to the Conference Secretariat  at the address below.
 Authors are requested to submit full papers in English, non-English papers need to be submitted with English translated   version. Papers should be no more than 15 pages or 5,000 words in length, with an abstract of no more than 100 words.  Author numbers of each paper should be no more than 3 persons, each person as the first author can submit paper only one.

 Conference Publications

 All accepted papers will be included in Conference Paper Proceedings, published by the host university press.

 Paper Lay-out

 Margins and format

The margins must be 3 cm on both the top and the bottom and 2 cm on both left and right side. The paper format must be A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)


Please start the first page with a horizontal line and leave one line blank before typing the title at the centre of the page with the following font: Times New Roman, size 20.
Sub-titles should be in Times New Roman, size 16.
Below the title/sub-title you should write the author's name and affiliations, university and country only. Use Times New Roman, size 12, in italics. Leave one line blank before inserting another horizontal line and after this, please leave 3 blank lines before typing the abstract.


The abstract should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, in italics. It will begin with a first level heading (Abstract). The abstract must not exceed 150 words.


Leave one blank line before each heading.

First level headings should be written in Times New Roman, size 16.

Second level headings should be written in Times New Roman, size 14.

Third level headings should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, in italics.

All headings must be aligned to the left.


The body of the paper should have a line spacing of 16 pkt. and written in Times New Roman, size 12. Begin each paragraph (except those following a heading, a bullet list, a table or a figure with one tab indent set to 1,5 cm. Use justified margins on both sides. Be sure to begin with a first level heading. If you wish to accentuate single words within the text, do not use bold, but italics. 


The table title should be written in Times New Roman, size 12.

Please number the tables as follows: Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc.


Please insert the figures into the text, Please number the figures as follows: Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, etc.


Please use endnotes instead of footnotes. Endnotes should be inserted after the text and before the references. The notes should be written in Times New Roman, size 10


The references must be placed at the end of the document. In the text please state only the last name of the author and the year in parenthesis and separated by a comma (Rask, 1999). In the reference list, please write all the names fully. Please write the book, journal or paper series names in italics. Example:

-      Rask, Morten and Niels Jakob Buch (1999), International Marketing at the World Wide Web - Concepts for understanding and action (in Danish), Ledelse & Erhvervsokonomi, 1/99.

Please submit the paper in MS Word format to email address of Conference Secretariat 

Email:  (J.Sarantuya, Senior lecturer of Management Program)

 Contact Information

  Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. Batsukh Davaasuren

Chair of Academic Affairs of Business School

National University of Mongolia

Tel: (976-11) 350277

Fax: (976-11) 350994


  Conference Secretariat

Ms. J.Sarantuya (MBA)

Business School, National University of Mongolia

Tel: (976) 99284448                 

Fax: (976-11) 350994

Language (English)

Link to Members

JSAAM ... Japan
HoHai University...China
State University of management...Russia
Hanyang University...Korea
The National Economics University...Vietnam
National University of Mongolia...Mongolia
Napalese Academy of Managemant...Nepal

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