Announcement of the 11th Conference of IFEAMA at Nanjin (2012)

** Change of the opening period
** Add the poster session

** Add topics of paper@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Apr. 9, 2012 updated)
 Call for Paper @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(Apr. 9, 2012 updated)

It has been 3 years since the U.S subprime crisis triggered the global financial crisis in 2008. Each government has made unremitting effort in combating the crisisCbut sadly the measures are not effective enough and the world economy is now on the verge of a double dip. About the causes of economic crisis and the path of extricating crisis, among scholars, entrepreneurs and government officials have so many different views. In fact the root of current crisis is the imbalance of wealth creation and distribution: there are less and less people creating wealth while more and more people demanding wealth; the wealth created is not enough to meet everyonefs need. So to extricate the crisis, Improvement in company productivity and cooperation among various countries are indispensable.

Today in the setup of global economic, the importance of East Asian is increasing. We hope that the meeting on the theme of Management Innovation and Win-win Cooperation in East Asia can contribute to recovery of the world economy.

The 11th Conference of International Federation of East Asian Management Associations will be held from Oct.26 to 29, 2012 in Nanjing, China.

The theme of the conference

Management Innovation and Win-win Cooperation in East Asia

Papersf topics include but are not limited to:

1, The East Asian regional cooperation;

2, Industrial policy and industrial development;

3, The integration of Eastern and Western management thinking;

4, Strategy and Organization;

5, The East Asian Management;

6, East-West comparison of corporate governance;

7, East Asian human resource management;

8, Technology and market management mechanisms;

9, The East Asian automotive industry development.

10,Small Business Finance

11, Enterprise competitive intelligence system

12, The East Asian free trade zone

13, The East Asian management practices

14, Corporate finance

15, Business matching

Authors are requested to submit full papers in English, Chinese or Japanese, but non-English papers need to be submitted with English Summary. Author numbers of each paper should be no more than 3 persons, each person as the first author can submit paper only one. The papers in English should be no longer than 8 printed pages. The papers in Japanese should be no longer than 10 printed pages. Submissions should be in word format according to the paper template on the conference website.

We will provide the proceedings and certificate for all papers accepted, and select best papers.

Important DataF

EDeadline of Presentation Application May 30,2012

ENotification of Acceptance Date: June 30, 2012

EDeadline of Paper Submission: August 30, 2012

EDeadline of only participation: July 30,2012

Registration Fee: 300 US$

Poster session

@@ @In order to expand the scope of academic exchange, this conference will set poster session.
@ @ Registration fee of poster session is 30 US$.

Thanks for your attention and looking forward to your participation.

Contact usFYU Jin (Hohai University, China

Convention schedule

26 October 2012(Friday)

Afternoon : Registration

Evening: The First Meeting of the Board

@@27 October 2012(Saturday)

Morning: Registration, Opening Ceremony, Key Note Speech

Afternoon : Subcommittee Session

Evening: Welcome Party, The Second Meeting of the Board

28 October 2012(Sunday)

Morning: Subcommittee Session

Afternoon : Subcommittee Session, Conference Summary

29 October 2012(Monday)

Technical visit

Conference Venue

Hohai Business School, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
@@@Building of Business School, Jiangning Campus of Hohai University
@@@No.8 West Focheng Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China



Nanjing Lukou International Airport has flights to most Chinese cities and some foreign cities. International flights can reach cities of Osaka, Inchon and Singapore. It also has direct flights to Hong Kong, Taipei and Macau. The airport is approximately 20 minutes drive from the venue, with approximately taxi fee of RMB100 (USD15).
















Transportation Instructions to the Venue


Nanjing has two railway stations, Nanjing Railway Station and South Nanjing Railway Station. The Nanjing Railway station is the station for ordinary trains and South Nanjing Railway Station is for High-speed Trains (CRH) from/to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, etc.

From Nanjing Railway Station, you can take Nanjing Metro Line 1 to gBaijiahuh Station (the destination of the train should be China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)), and then take the TAXI to the campus. It takes approximately 40 minutes and costs approximately RMB20 (USD3).

From South Nanjing Railway Station, you can take TAXI directly to the venue, which takes approximately 15 minutes and costs approximately RMB30 (USD5.5)


     Nanjing has express links with most Chinese cities. If you drive to Nanjing, you should get yourself on the Express S88 and exit from the Cuipingshan Exit. Then you can follow the road instructions to the campus.

Conference Hotels

Hotel name

Distance to the venue



Jinling Resort

15 minutes drive to the venue(6.7KM)

No.1 Jinling Hotel Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


Aitaoliyuan Hotel

8 minutes drive to the venue (3KM)

No.199, West Tiyuan Road, Nanjing


Shuixiu Garden Hotel

14 minutes drive to the venue(5KM)

No.11, West Jiahu Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


Cuipingshan Hotel

6 minutes drive to the venue (2.7KM)

No.168, West Tianyuan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


Jinjiang Hotel

10 minutes drive to the venue (3.3KM)

No.162 West Shengtai Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


Nanjing Conference Organizing Committee @@@(Apr. 9, 2012 updated)

Special Adviser
@@@Tasuku Noguchi (Professsor Emeritus, Keio University, Japan )
@@@SU Dongshui (Professor, Fudan University, China )
@@@SUN Qianzhang (Professor, Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C)
Organization Committee

 @  @Chairperson : ZHANG Yang( Professor, Hohai University, China )
       Vice Chairperson : Tae-soo Ryu(Professor, Hanyang University, Korea )
       Secretary-General : YU Jin(Professor, Hohai University, China )
@     Committee : CHEN Zhicheng (University of Science and Technology Beijing ,China)
 @@ @@@@@@ @ Teruhisa Uetake( Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Japan )
@ @ @@@ @ @@@Yutaka Takakubo ( Professor, Nihon University, Japan )@
@ @  @@@@ @@@Yozi Ichida( Professor, Nihon University, Japan )
      @@@@@@@@ Victor A. KOZBANENKO (Professor, State University of Management, Russia)
     @@@@@@@@@Tran Kim HAO (Central Institute for Economic Managemanent,Vietnam)
  @ @@@@@@@@ Demberel Sambuu ( Mongolia )

Program Committee
  EChairperson : YU Jin (Hohai University, China )
@    ECommittee : ZHOU Haiwei (Hohai University, China )
      @@@@@@@@ Takao Nuki ( Daito Bunka University, Japan )
@ @@@@@@@@@@ Takabumi Hayashi( Professor, Kokushikan University, Japan )
@@@@@@@@@@@ Isao Yanagimachi( Keio University, Japan)
@@@@@@@@@@@ Katsuhiko Hirasawa (Nihon University, Japan )
@ @ @@@@@@@ @ Karp-soo Kim( KAIST, Korea )
     @@@@@@@@@ Gennady L. AZOEV (Professor, State University of Management,  Russia )
   @  @@@@@@@@@Tran Thi VAN HOA (Associate Professor, National Economics University, Vietnam)
@@  @@@@@@@@@Batsukh Davaasuren(Associate Professor, National University of Mongolia )

Executive committee
      EChairperson : ZHANG Yang( Professor, Hohai University, China )
      EVice Chairperson : Yutaka Takakubo (Professor, Nihon University, Japan )
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ZHOU Haiwei (Professor, Hohai University, China )
@ @  ECommittee: Shizuko Kato(Professor, Meiji University, Japan)
@ @@@@@@@@@@ Ekaterina SUMAROKOVA(Associate Professor, State University of Management, Russia)
@@ @@@@@@@@@ WANG Qun(Hohai University, China )
@@ @@@@@@@@@ HUANG Dechun(Hohai University, China )
@@ @@@@@@@@@ YU Jin (Hohai University, China )
@@@ @@@@@@@@ TANG Zhen(Hohai University, China )
 @@@@@@@@@@@ ZHANG Long(Hohai University, China )
 @@@@@@@@@@@ HU Xingqiu(Hohai University, China )
@@@@@@@@@@@@YANG Kaijun(Hohai University, China )
 @   @@@@@@@@@JIANG Min(Hohai University, China )
  @  @@@@@@@@@WENG Liping(Hohai University, China )
@@  @@@@@@@@@ZHAO Bing(Hohai University, China )

Contact usFYU Jin (Hohai University, China

Language (English)

Link to Members

E JSAAM ... Japan
E HoHai University...China
E State University of management...Russia
E Hanyang University...Korea
E The National Economics University...Vietnam

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