Announcement of the 14th Conference of IFEAMA at Kathmandu (2017)
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International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA)
in collaboration with
Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM), Kathmandu

jointly announce
the 4th International Conference of NAM and the 14th International Conference of IFEAMA

Knowledge Transfer and Transformation:

Global and Local Business for Competitiveness and Social Justice

March 27-29, 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

Key Note Speakers:
Jay Barney: Presidential Professor of Strategic Management and Pierre Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah, USA.

2.       Will Mitchell: John deButts Professor at Duke University and the Anthony S. Fell Chair at the University of Toronto, Canada.
3.       Garry D. Bruton, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, USA.
4.       Sharma, C. Satish, Chairman & Managing Director at Maharaja Group of Colleges, Udayapur, India.
5.       Hiroshi Hoshino, Professor of International Business and Global Logistics at Graduate School of Economics and  the Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center at Kyushu University, Japan.

Important Dates / Deadline:

Full Paper Submission till:                   September 15, 2016 --> October 15,2016

Blind Review and Re-submission of
papers incorporating comments by:
@November 15, 2016 -->
December 15,2016

@  Registration last date:                                                January 15, 2017
@@Conference Dates:                                                    March 27-29, 2017

The Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM)

Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM) is an independent, not for profit Association of Academicians and Professionals, established to create and disseminate knowledge required for managing organizations regionally as well as globally. The Academy organizes international conference biennially with international/national university/business school collaboration aiming to bring together Academics and Practitioners from diverse backgrounds and initiates to meet, discuss and debate issues that will affect the future direction of research and practice. Following its traditions, Nepalese Academy of Management and International Federation of East Asian Management Academy are pleased to announce the International Conference jointly on, gKnowledge Transfer and Transformation: Global and Local Business for Competitiveness and Social Justiceh on March 27-29, 2017 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

International Federation of East Asian Management Association (IFEAMA)

International Federation of East Asian Management Association (IFEAMA) aims to promote the research and the application of business administration in East Asian and to contribute to industrial development to advance the management practices.

Brief Bio of Key Note Speakers


Jay Barney is a Presidential Professor of Strategic Management and Pierre Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. He previously served as the Professor of Management and held the Chase Chair for Excellence in Corporate Strategy at the Max Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University. His research focuses on the relationship between costly-to-copy firm skills and capabilities and sustained competitive advantage. He is an associate editor for the Journal of Management and senior editor for Organization Science and has been published in numerous leading publications. In addition to his teaching and research, he presents executive training programs throughout the US and Europe. His consulting work focuses on large-scale organizational change and strategic analysis. Jay Barney is an SMS Fellow as well as a fellow of the Academy of Management. He has received honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Lund, the Copenhagen Business School, and Universidad PontificiaComillas (Madrid), and has honorary visiting professor positions in New Zealand and China.


Will Mitchell studies business dynamics in developed and emerging markets, nvestigating how businesses change as their competitive environments change and, in turn, how the business changes contribute to ongoing corporate and social performance. He teaches courses in business dynamics, emerging market strategy, corporate strategy, health sector management, entrepreneurship, and pharmaceutical strategy. Will holds the John  deButts  Professorship  of  Business  Administration  at  Duke  University's   Fuqua School of Business and the Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization at the University of Toronto. Will is a faculty associate of Dukefs Global Health Initiative and Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as well as a faculty associate at Rotmanfs Center for Health Sector Strategy. Will is a co-editor of the Strategic Management Journal, co-editor for online media for the Strategic Management Society journals, and a board member of Neuland Laboratories, Ltd. (Hyderabad).

Garry Bruton is a professor of entrepreneurship at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University where he helped to start the entrepreneurship program. Garryfs research focuses on entrepreneurship in emerging economies and he has published or has forthcoming academic articles in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Business Venturing.   In   addition,   Garry  has   co-authored   three   text  books   ?small  business management  (McGraw-Hill),  technology  and  innovation  management  (Cengage),  and     international management (Cengage). Gary is Co-director - Institute for Global Innovation and Chinese Entrepreneurship at Tongji University (China), Honorary Professor - Department of Business, Administration at Sun Yat-sen Business School (China), honorary professor at South China University of Technology (China), and serves on the international advisory board of the Entrepreneurship Center Nankai University (China). Garry is also the past president of the Asia Academy of Management and past editor of the Academy of Management Perspectives. Professor Bruton is currently an associate editor at the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and serves on four other editorial boards.


Satish C. Sharma is Professor and Chairman & Managing Director at Maharaja Group of Colleges, Udayapur, India has an academic and research experience of 20 years in the field of HR, OB, IR, Entrepreneurship and Educational Development. He has written books on Human Resource & Organizational Behavior. He has attended more than 100 conferences & seminars. He has published more than 50 research papers in National & International  journals.

Hiroshi Hoshino is a professor of International Business and Global Logistics at Graduate School of Economics and the Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center at Kyushu University, Japan as well as visiting professor at Kobe University. He currently serves as the president of Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics. He has been working on the research on the collaboration between profit sector and non-profit sector in many aspects including project with the Grameen Foundation led by Dr. Muhammad Yunus and has published academic articles on the private firmsf entering into emerging market in collaboration with non-profits such as UN organizations, International Development agencies and NGOs. He has been involved in several social business start-ups since the Great Hanshin Earthquake hit Kobe, Japan in 1995 and launched the NPO Management School, the first of its kind, in Japan.

Area or scope of the papers but not limited to:

@@@ Knowledge Creation and Transformation


Knowledge management, building knowledge for change in emerging markets, Global innovation, emerging market R&D, innovation measurement, innovation for transformation, technology transfer, productivity and spillovers, global and local knowledge, knowledge strategies and organizational learning, intellectual curiosity, Appreciative Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Management interventions,  and other issues of knowledge creation and transformation.


Managing People in Organizations


Building human and social capital, labor market, ILO and decent work conditions, individual, group, intra and inter organizational value creation, empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior, work culture and psychological wellbeing, investment in HR for transformation, high performance practices, strategic and international human resources management, talent management, unionism, reward and performance, Communication across culture, technology, workforce diversify, and other issues of managing people in organizations.


Organizational strategy and Leadership for Change


Challenges to organizations, behavior within organizations, strategies for corporate performance, organizational change and development, groups and team work, leadership dimensions, multinational companies, global strategies and competitiveness of firms, strategic/competitive advantages, Improving productivity, bottlenecks and obstacles to productive investment and technology adoption, parent-subsidiary relationship, globally responsible leaders, standardization and localization, social justice and other issues of organizational strategy and leadership for changes.


Economic Development and Integration


Political economy and development, macroeconomic stability, financial inclusion, regional economic integration, financial competitiveness, poverty eradication, economics of wellbeing in developing nations, micro finance and policy perception, FDI, FTA, Investment and Arbitration, WTO, free trade agreement, Migration and development, remittance and contribution to SMEs, emerging China and India and economic development of Nepal, and other issues of economic development and integration.


Brand Awareness, and Market Performance


Brand awareness, strategies, Marketing, Customer care for organizational development, New Product Development, Innovations, Ethics, values, trust, Operations Logistics, management of information system, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Societal Welfare, and Strategy  for  transformation, and other issues of brand awareness, marketing and market perfomrance.


Business, CSR and Social Justice


Business and society, corporate governance, business and legislation, governance of public, NGOs, NPOs, accountability and transparency, civil society pressure, anti-corruption efforts, service quality, TQM, complaint mechanism, social business and sustainability, social justice, consumerism, social movement, Societal expectations, public-private partnership, from social to governance perspectives, transforming global governance for the 21st century, and other issue of business, social organizations, and their CSR for social justice.


Entrepreneurship Development


Global and local firms, family business, entrepreneurship and societal changes, business model innovation, team entrepreneurship, creativity experimentation, role of government in entrepreneurship development, Management practices, Management Decision Making, business Strategies for SMEs, innovation in SMEs, and all the issues of entrepreneurship development and management.


Finance, Accounting, and International Business


Accounting challenges, financial management, Market performance measurement and management, Project management, stock market and income distribution, international trade, commodity market, shift from trade in goods to trade in activities, International business, economic geography and innovative research in IB, and all issues of finance, accounting and international business.


Climate Change and Human Lifestyle


Global warming, carbon emissions, clean energy, green jobs, impact of climate change on water supply, forest, food security, agriculture, public health, wild- life, bio diversity and green house effect, industrialization and climate justice, Climate conflict and fragility in public and private, and policy impacts.


Research in higher Education


Research for social change and innovation, cross culture research, emerging tools and methodology in research, Comparative studies, higher education and new models of teaching ?learning pattern, use of technology in education and research.

Submission Requirement (Please click)

Submission to:
@@@@@ccF @

Participants of the Conference

œ                  Authors/ Presenters: authors of papers accepted for presentation after double blind peer reviewed and registered can attend the Conference. Each presenter will receive a Certificate of Presentation and will automatically become a member of the Academy for two years.

œ                  Non-presenters: Faculties and research scholars, academician, professionals, executives, self- employed, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, NGOfs, NPOfs associates, civil servants, and all those who are interested in knowledge transfer for transformation can attend in the Conference as an observer to listen to the presentations of papers without presenting their own, if they have paid the registration fee. Each presenter will receive a Certificate of Participation and will  automatically become a member of the Academy for two years.

Publication Opportunities

All manuscript submissions will be subject to a blind review process by Scientific committee of the conference. Evaluation is based on relevance to the theme, analytical and conceptual rigor, quantitative and qualitative methods (if applicable), innovativeness, contribution and significance of conclusions. The editorial board will make the final decision as to whether the accepted papers are published in the NAM international conference proceedings (ISBN). Besides proceedings the editors of the following journals will select best papers; authors of selected papers will be invited to submit their work for consideration for publication in the following journals:

œ                  The International Journal of the Nepalese Academy of Management

œ                  British Journal of Management

œ                  South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management(SAGE Publication)

œ                  Emerging Market Case Study Series (Emerald)

œ                  Journal of Shinawatra University (Shinawatra University, Thailand)

œ                  Journal of Management ( Tribhuvan University)

œ                  SIU Journal of Management

œ                   South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (SAGE Publication).

œ                   Selected paper series of IFEAMA conference.


The conference will host several professional workshops which will be conducted by world renounced researchers, experts and professionals of their field. Forum for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and academicians will be hosted during the conference days. Some other programs at the conference are meeting with world renounced editors, case writing workshop, research paper development workshop, and round table discussion on conducting research in the Asian context and on Higher Education and future Course of Action will be organized during the conference hours.

"Meet the Editors of International Journalsh
œ Prof. Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers Business School, Management and Global Business Department, USA
œ Prof. Vikas Kumar, University of Sydney Business School, Australia
œ Prof. Garry Bruton, Texas Christian University, USA
œ Prof. Geoffrey Wood: University of Warwick, UK
œ Prof. Stuant Locke, The University of Waikoto, New Zealand
œ Prof. Will Mitchel, University of Toronto, Canada
œ and other professors/practitioners will lead the session.

gResearch in Asian Contexth
œ Prof. Al Rosenbloom, Dominican University, USA
œ Prof. Satish C. Sharma, Maharaja College of Management, India
œ Prof. Jay Barney, University of Utah, USA
œ Prof. John Walsh, Sinawatra University, Thailand
œ Prof. Marc Georgen, Cardiff University, UK
œ Prof. Khondaker Mizanur Rahman, Nanzan University, Japan
œ Prof. Soumodip Sarkar, Asia Center at Harvard University
œ and other professors/practitioners will lead the session.

gMBA Education and Future Course of Actionsh
œ Prof. Yu Jin from China;
œ Prof. EB Khedkar, A DY Patil University, India
œ Prof. Karina R. Jensen, NEOMA Business School, France
œ Prof. Ramesh Dangol, Youngstown State University, USA
œ Prof. Mithilesh Dixit, Career Point University, India
œ Prof. Felicity Wood, University of Fort Hare, South Africa
œ Prof. Sandip Solanki, Symbiosis International University, India
œ Prof. Katsuhiko Hirasawa, Nihon University, Japan
œ and other professor/practitioners will lead the season.

Chair of the conference

Prof. Dr. Dev Raj Adhikari
Founding President: Nepalese Academy of Management President Elect of IFEAMA
Dean, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Prof. Dr. Batsukh Davaasuren, President of IFEAMA
National University of Mongolia (NUM), Ulaanbaatar Magnolia

Conference Coordinator/ Correspondence
Dhruba Kumar Gautam (Ph. D.)
Associate Professor of Management, Tribhuvan University Founding Secretary,
Nepalese Academy of Management
Cell: 00977 -9813304401 / 00977- 9841367451 / Land line: 00977 01 4415927

Language (English)

Link to Members

E JSAAM ... Japan
E HoHai University...China
E State University of management...Russia
E Hanyang University...Korea
E The National Economics University...Vietnam
E National University of Mongolia...Mongolia
E Napalese Academy of Managemant...Nepal

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