15th International Conference Program (The final version 20 June, 2019)   Detailed Version      

First Day 18th Tuesday June


Registration at second floor


Opening (Plenary), Hall 1, Chair Tamiko Kasahara, University of Shizuoka

Masahiko Egami, Dean of Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University

DevRaj Adhikari, President of IFEAMA

Yoshiaki Ueda, President of Japan Scholarly Association of Asian Management


Keynote Speech, Hall 1, Chair; Hiromi Shioji, Professor of Kyoto University

Takahiro Fujimoto, Professor of University of Tokyo


Lunch, Hall3


Parallel Session 1

Session 1A, Innovation and Industry, Hall 1, Cochairs: Zhang Keting and  Li Zejian

Masahiko Isomura / Akira Tanaka

Highly competitive steel industry in East AsiaAnalysis by Japan Model


Momoko Kawakami

Competition and Collaboration among East AsianFirms in Smart-phone Value Chains


Toshihiro Hatakeyama

Competition and division of labor structure in LCD television and LCD industry


Session 1B, Human Resources, Hall 2, Chair: Tetsuro Saisho

Satoshi Tachibana

HR System for the Realization of Work Style Reform "Three-layered System" to meet diverse values


Zhu Sulu / Tang Zhen / Gu Fei

The Effect Mechanisms of CIO Personality on Informatization Performance: A mediating effect of CEO involvement


Phi Thi Hong Linh / Nguyen Hoang Hieu / Bui Thi Thanh Huyen

Sustainable Human Development in Vietnam


Session 1C, Technology and Innovation, Room 1, Chair: Nguyen Quynh Hoa

Darkhijav Bayanjargal / Batsukh Davaasuren

An Optimal Control Approach to Customer Lifetime Value


Tran Thi Van Hoa / Le Thi Lan Huong  / Tran Thi Phuong Hien

Factors Influencing The Intention to Choose Digital Wallet in Shopping Online: Case Study of HA NOI Citizens


Masahide Nuki

Directions and Trends of Social Innovation in International Recycling Systems for Home Appliances and Automobiles


Session 1D, Regional Integration, Room 2, Chair: Keisuke Kamada.

Le Hai Ha / Le Thi Luong / Trinh thi Mai Van

The world Bank's Logistics Performance Index and drivers of logistics performance: the case of Vietnam


Nozomu Kawabata

Development of the Vietnamese Iron and Steel Industry under International Economic Integration


Phan To Uyen / Pham Thi Quynh Hoa / Nguyen Bich Ngoc

Enhancing Innovation and Creation for Vietnamese Enterprises-Utilizing The Opportunities from Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacfic Partnertnrship


Session 1E, Government and Business, Room 3, Cochairs: Annamaria Inzelt and Makoto Anazawa.

Phan Huu Nghi  / Tran Thi Thuy Linh / Nguyen Duy Tung

The satisfaction of corporations when using tax administrative services: case of Hanoi-Vietnam


Megumi Kojima

The Internationalization of Japanese Long-Term Care Firms A Review of the Literature on Needs for LTC Services in Urban and Rural China


Le Thi Thu Huong  / Nguyen Dang Nui / Nguyen Thi Huyen

Vocational Training Policy for Labor Ethnic Minority in Transitonal Countries : Case of The Northwest of Vietnam


Session 1F, Finance, Room 4, Chair: Ha Son Tung

Zang Dexia / Deng Yulin / Li Hui

Abusive Supervision, Affective Commitment, Customer Orientation and Proactive Customer Service Performance: Evidence from hotel employees in China


Mamoru Takahashi

Quasi-Rent and Corporate Finance: an Asian Case


Hoang Vu Hiep / Nguyen Hoang Nam / Hoang Xuan Que

Impacts of capital structure on business growth of listend firms in Vietnam  Case study of Hanoi Stock Exchange market



Coffee Break, Hall 3


Parallel Session 2

Session 2A, Hall 1, Sustainability, Cochairs:  Zhanna Musatova and Nozomu Kawabata

Ha Son Tung / Nguyen Dinh Trung / Hoang Thi Minh Ngoc

Promoting Sustainable Consumption Through Higher Education - The Case of National Economics University


Akira Tanaka

International Comparison of Resource Procurement System: Vertical Integration vs Long-Term Contract


Do Kim Hoa / Le Thu Hoa / Phung Tuan Anh

Employment and Labor in Private Sector in Transitional Countries : Case of Vietnam


Naoto Shimokado

Inclusive Business and Sustainable Development in India: AMUL constructing Community-Based Food Chain


Session 2B, Ethics and Society, Hall 2, Chair: Takabumi Hayashi and Masashi Arai

Ainash Idrissova

The Role of Social Media in Business Development; Implications for Kazakhstan Companies


Le To Hoa / Thai Thi Kim Oanh / Dao Quang Thang

Analysic of Inequality of income in developing countries: case of Vietnam


Du Xiaorong / Liang Yan / Bo Jiaojiao

Influencing Factors of the Operation Performance of Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights under the Innovation-driven Development Strategy Based on Management Accounting


Dhruba K. Gautam / Prativa Sharma

Institutional Intermediaries and Entrepreneurship: Local Embeddedness at Kathmandu


Session 2C, Job and Leadership, Room 1, Cohairs: Hsueh-Liang Fan and Motoyuki Kanetsuna 

Huang Dechun / Zhang Rui / He Zhengqi

Research on Multi-interest Conflict Risk Assessment of super-giant project Based on PSR Model


Hoang Van Hoa / Tran Viet Tien / Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc

Examination of job satisfaction in commercial banking sector : Case study of PVcomBank,Vietnam


Wang Qun / LI Hui

Why Does Abusive Leadership Lead to Employee Silence? ---The Mediating Role of Perceived Insider Status and Psychological Safety


Hsueh-Liang Fan

Understanding the Curvilinear Relationships Between Leader Narcissism and Subordinate Creativity


Session 2D, Overseas Operation, Room 2, Cocharis: Dinh Lê Hai Ha and Toshihiro Hatakeyama.

Manh Dung Tran / Duc Tai do

Quality of Personnel via accountants' Physical and Mental Strength in Multinational Firms in Vietnam


Tamiko Kasahara / Tomoki Sekiguchi

The Effect of Corporate Philosophy on Employees Behaviors: The Case of Japanese Subsidiaries in Thailand


Ngo Thi Tuyet Mai / Ngo Thanh Xuan

Opportunity to Receive Japan's Direct Investment in Vietnam When Performing Cptpp1


Vu Tri Tuan / Tran Thi Thanh Xuan / Tran Manh Dung

Job Satisfaction of Operation Management Department at Industrial Equipment Trade Joint Stock Company


Session 2E, Banking & Financial System, Room 3, Chair: Mamoru Takahashi.

Nguyen Thi Xuan Huong / Le Thi Thai Ha / Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Determinants on bank's default risk; An examination under the influence of bank mergers and acquisitions


Katsuhiko Hirasawa / Yutaka Takakubo / Takayoshi Tanikawa

Shinkin Banks and Start-ups


Tran  Anh Ngoc / Pham Thi Bich Chi / Nguyen Dinh Trung

The impact of diggital transformation in financial system on accelerating financial inclusion in Vietnam


Suvdaa Damiran / Enkhbold Galinde

Small-medium Enterprise Financing and Tax Environment in Mongolia


Session 2F, Industrial Development, Room 4, Cochairs: Vasily Starostin and Yoshiaki Ueda.

Son Ngoc Nguyen / Nguyen Dinh Trung

Shifting the Pattern of Economic Growth of Vietnam in a New Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Digital Economy


Vu Cuong / Nguyen Quynh Hoa / Nguyen Ngoc Son

Managing external debt in Vietnam after Becoming a Middle-Incom country


Tetsuro Saisho

A Study on Industrial Cluster Strategy in Vietnam - Case Study of Quang Trung Software City in the IT and Service Sector Industry -



Reception at Restaurant La Tour, First floor

Second Day 19th Wednesday June


Parallel Session 3

Industry Session 1, Hall 1, Chair: Kunihiko Mochizuki

Takeji Hirota

Converting Emitted CO2 into Resource


Hiroshi Orihara

Business Conduct Guideline for Small and Mecium Sized Enterprises: Its Making, Mrits and Use


Session 3B, Manufacturing and Energy, Hall 2, Chair: Yozi Ichida.

Zhou Yiqing /  Wang Chunbao

Research on Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Asset Groups in Power Supply Stations Based on Machine Learning


Anazawa Makoto

Globalization of Malaysian Manufacturers


Di Yin

Polarization Structure in the Chinese Iron and Steel Industry


Session 3C, Knowledge and Management, Room 1, Chair: Zhong Xingyun.

Motoyuki Kanetsuna /Kosuke Miyaji /Takanori Sato

Inter-Firm Relationship and Knowledge Flow in Japan’s Shipbuilding Industry: A Comparative Analysis between Domestic Partners and Overseas Partners


Toshikazu Takahashi

Reverse Innovation Activities of Japanese SMEs from Knowledge Transfer Perspective


Ding Yuan / Li Ming

Knowledge Governance in Overseas Risk Intelligence Cooperation


Session 3D, Etrepreneurship, Room 2, Chair: Batsukh Davaasuren

Gennady Azoev / Ekaterina Sumarokova

Marketing assessment of the appropriateness of R&D projects financing


Satoshi Yanagimachi

Entrepreneurial activity of Kyuk-ho SHIN - Focusing on gum competition with Harris-


Lkhamtseden Badarch

Hotel Service Quality in Mongolia


Session 3E, Business Impact on Market, Room 3, Chair: Zang Dexia

Yu Jie / Huang Dechun / Zhang Yang / Zhang Changzheng

Study on the systematic evolution path of environmental mass incidents based on causal loop diagrams


Kosuke Kakitani

Growing up O2O Business in Automobile After-sales Service Market in China


Yu Siyuan / Yu Jin

Doing while Thinking in Dynamic Environment: A Brief Review of Strategic Improvisation


Session 3F, CSR and Sustainability, Room 4, Cochairs: Deng Yulin and Takahide Kosaka

Tomonaga Horiguchi / Ryohei Kageura

A Study on Business Strategy Influenced with “Justice” and “Goodness” in CSR


Wang Teng / Zhou Haiwei / Li Jie

Unpacking the Influence of Geographic Institutional Fields on CSR I China: The role of Major Cities Centers


Kanako Negishi

Sustainability Business Models of Multinational Enterprises in the Apparel Industry



Coffee Break


Parallel Session 4

Industry Session 2, Hall 1, Chair: Zhou Haiwei

Jiang Zhicong

A Consideration of Business Management Model Based on Big Data


Bijaya Bikram Shah

Creating Competitive Advantage through Quality Management in Napalese Hotel Industry


Session 4B, Society and Economic Dynamics, Hall 2, Cochairs: Li Hui and Kanako Negishi

Yoshie Hori

Economic and Social Transformation in the Philippinesthe development of Business Process Outsourcing and Gender


Eiko Tomiyama

Innovation Management for the Sustainable and Inclusive Development: Case Study of Japanese SME "KaihoSangyo”


Zhang Changzheng / Ren Hong / Zhang Zhongzhou

Study on the Effect of Factor Efficiency on Economic Restructuring under Supply - side Driving


Session 4C, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Room 1, Cochairs; Ekaterina Sumarokova and Naoki Hayashi

Keisuke Kamada / Kentaro Yoshida

Impact of agglomeration and dispersion from an industrial location theory perspective- Empirical analysis of Japanese manufacturers in RCEP areas –


Susumu Ito

Private Sector Investment in Infrastructure in the Philippines: Business Opportunities and Issues for Public-Private Partnerships


Zhanna Musatova

How to survive and grow on the global turbulent markets? Russian innovative companies – hidden champions and its strategies on the global market: 2011-2019


Session 4D, Business and Region, Room 2, Cochairs:  Dhruba Kumar Gautam and Takeshi Fujisawa

Ayako Sendoh

Flow in Social Innovation:  Effects of Flow Experience on the Success of  Regional Revitalization


Annamaria Inzelt

Business-university collaboration in a developing country in the Industry 4.0 era; Case of Hungary


Jaeho Lee / Minoru Hirano

How can you make your international joint venture business durable? -A case of the Japanese B2B firm’s joint ventures in Korea and China-


Session 4E, Knowledge Management, Room 3, Chair: Toshikazu Takahashi and Nobuo Hirohata

Xue Song / Xu Huihua / Wan Li

Research on Software Project Schedule Based on Critical Chain


No show

Zhang Yukuo

Research on the realization dilemma and development strategy of Chinese UGC model knowledge payment platform


Tomohiko Bun

A Prescription for Improvement of Decision-Making Style in Japanese Company


Session 4F, Research and Development, Room 4, Cochairs: Ding Yuan and Keiji Natsume.

Wang Hongpeng / Tian Ming / Wu Ling

The Effect of R&D Strategy on Firm Performance of ICT Companies in China


Takabumi Hayashi / Masashi Arai

Global Dispersion of Research & Development Capabilities and Asian position


Tian Ming / Qian Xiangdong / Li Dian

Impact of Outside Directorship on Firm R&D Scope in China: The Moderating Effect of State-ownership



Lunch, Hall 3


Parallel Session 5

Session 5A, Innovation and Industry 1, Hall 1, Cochairs: Zhang Changzheng

Zhang Keting, / Shen Xiaoping

Why Are There Differences in Governments’ Innovation Funding Performances?-- Analysis of Policy Transmission Mechanism Based on the Dynamic Evolutionary Game of Replication


Nguyen Kim Ngan

MNEs’ Supply Chain Integration in Emerging Markets; Case studies in Vietnam’s Motorcycle Industry


Session 5B, Finance, Hall 2, Chair: Kohei Shiino

Tomohiro Uchida

The Case of a Microfinance NGO in the Philippines: The Program Impacts and Innovation


Session 5C, Resources and Its Management, Room 1, Chair: Susumu Ito

Zhong Xingyun

Practice of Reasonable Price Formation Mechanism
in Unconventional Water Resources and Sino-Japan Cooperation


Nobuo Hirohata

The Strategic Management of Procurement of Rubber by Manufactures of Natural Rubber Products


Session 5D, Conflict Solutions, Room 2, Chair: Rahman M. Khondaker

Zhang Ruijin / Zhang Xin / Li Dian

Study on the Theories of Water Rights Allocation con-cerning Transboundary Rivers


Motohiro Kurokawa

Dissemination and Training of Value Engineering through 'Origami' Works


Session 5E, Issues Regarding Value:  Room 3, Chair: Huang Dechun

Naoki Hayashi

The Two-Dimensional Management of ICT MNCs: The Management of Operating and After-tax Profits to Maximize Corporate Value


Ch. Batbaatar / B. Davaasuren / Ya. Otgonsuren

The Impact of Brand Value on Country's Economy



Keynote Speech (Plenary),  Hall 1, Chair: Hara Tsuneo : President of NPO IFEAMA JPN

Osamu Nagayama, Chairperson of Chugai Pharmaceutical

Closing, Hall 1, Chair Tamiko Kasahara, University of Shizuoka

Vasily Starostin: Coordinator of Next 16th Conference in Russia

 Hiromi Shioji, President of Organizing Committee of 15th Conference


***   If the presenter has decided NOT to present at his/her session without prior notice,

   his/her paper and names will be removed from the final program.  
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