International Federation of East Asian Management Associations


IFEAMA Selected Paper Series of Conference Proceedings, Vol. 03, March 17 2016 EADLINE

Selected Paper of the 11th Conference at Nanjing, Octorber 2012

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CHOKKI Toshiaki A Historical Analysis of Japanese Agriculture: Development and Globalization 001-004
Shizuko KATO The Nuclear Power Industry in Public or Private Sector: A comparison of Russian and Japanese Experiences
Vasiliy STAROSTIN Contemporary marketing climate in Russia Getting closer to some local business insights 013-015
Nobuo HIROHATA A comparative study of foreign direct investment activities by Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies in Cambodia 016-019
ICHIDA Yozi. Construction of Network Infrastructure for Automotive EDI in Asian Countries
KWAK Yangchoon  Japanese companies’ operations in China and the significance of the Japan-Taiwan alliance 026-029
Takehiko YASUDA
Creative Industries Policy and Industrial Development in East Asia and Japan

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